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Would you feed your pet diseased or rotten meat?

The truth pet food consumers are not told…

The FDA.

The FDA has established “Compliance Policies” which directs FDA field representatives on how to enforce the laws that govern pet food. The particular Compliance Policy pictured to the right, is in reference to canned pet food. This FDA internal policy states…(bold added)…

POLICY: Pet food consisting of material from diseased animals or animals which have died otherwise than by slaughter, which is in violation of 402(a)(5) will not ordinarily be actionable, if it is not otherwise in violation of the law. It will be considered fit for animal consumption.

This means the FDA allows pet food ingredients to be sourced from diseased animals or euthanized animals. There are many more FDA Compliance Policies that allow filth contaminated ingredients, rodent or bird feces contaminated ingredients, and even chemical contaminated ingredients into pet foods. Click Here to learn more about FDA Compliance Policies.


In 2007, thousands of dogs and cats in the U.S. died due to contaminated pet food ingredients sourced from China. In the seven plus years since this deadly pet food recall, the FDA has received reports on the death or illness of thousands of pets linked to Chinese imported jerky treats.

You’d think that pet food manufacturers would be avoiding ingredients sourced from China – but that’s not true. Actually, dog food and cat food (and pet food ingredients) imports from China have increased by more than 30 million pounds in just five years! (Source: Food and Water Watch)

Misleading Advertising.

Pet food labels and/or television commercials lead petsumers to believe the pet food is made from fresh meat and fresh vegetables. Some products show images of grilled meats on the label - however, not one pet food is made from grilled meat. Some include pictures of prime cuts of steak on the label or include a specialty meat in the product name. But, thanks to numerous FDA Compliance Policies (675.100, 675.200, 675.400, 690.300)…

The pet food label can show you images like this…

When the pet food itself could be made from this – diseased rotten meat…

“This is AWESOME information, Susan—thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the diligence and hard work and effort you put in to ensure we are able to make the healthiest decisions for our pets.”

   Melanie B.

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As of October 2015, there are over 3,500 pet foods and treats reviewed.

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Walk into any pet store and you find hundreds of choices in a variety of price ranges.  How do you decide?

You simply cannot decide on a dog food or cat food by looking at the front of the bag or can; this is marketing, it is not the truth about what’s inside the pet food.  Actually, pet food regulations allow the front of a pet food bag to lie to you.  Pet food regulations state a pet food label can contain “unqualified claims, either directly or indirectly”.  Unqualified claims mean a pet food label can claim ‘Premium’ or ‘Choice Ingredients’ when the truth is far from premium or choice.

The next challenge pet owners are up against…Pet food regulations ALSO do NOT allow a pet food manufacturer to make any statements to quality or grade of ingredients on their label.  Some pet foods use the same quality of meat you’d purchase in the grocery for any other member of your family (this is known as ‘food’ grade). Other pet foods are made from waste ingredients rejected for use in human food (this is known as ‘feed’ grade). Click Here to read about ‘food’ grade ingredients and ‘feed’ grade ingredients.

Some pet foods contain chemicals and dyes linked to cancer and serious illness.  Some canned pet foods have a lining inside the can that contains BPA, a chemical scientifically linked to cancer.

Petsumer Report reviews tells you which Pet Food Manufacturers use food quality/human food quality ingredients, BPA lined cans, and who uses risky chemicals and dyes.

   “Thank you so much for all this great information! I’ve been a member for a couple months I guess, I find I’m always in here double checking a food or treat for my dogs and cats. Thank you for helping me make informed decisions about the food I’m feeding my animals. Several years ago, I lost a my dog and cat due to pet food contamination. It was the most devastating loss and I never want to experience that again, or carry the guilt over feeding them the very thing that claimed their lives.”

   Kelly Q.

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$17.95 for a one year subscription

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What is Petsumer Report?

Petsumer Report is an online pet food information database providing subscribers with vital information on over 3,500 dog foods, cat foods, and pet treats (new products added each month).  Subscribers have 24/7 access to information the pet food label does not provide.

Do I have to download the reviews to my computer?

No, all the reviews are hosted online.  Simply login and click on the dog food or cat food brand you’d like more information on.  It’s quick and easy to compare thousands of pet foods and treats.

What kind of information does Petsumer Report provide?

Petsumer Report gives subscribers alerts to risky ingredients, ingredient country of origin (U.S. only or imports), grade or quality of meat ingredients, list of health promoting ingredients, recall history, and much more!  (See example below.)  Plus, Petsumer Report actually teaches subscribers how to select/review a pet food on their own!  Reviews include a “Learn More” section providing detailed information on regulations, scientific studies, and/or ingredient definitions.

Who subscribes to Petsumer Report?

Thousands have subscribed from all over the world.  Although the reviews in Petsumer Report only apply to foods sold in the U.S. and Canada, pet owners from countries all over the world have subscribed (Amsterdam, UK, Tailand, Israel, South Africa, China, Denmark, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Canada, U.S., and counting).  Pet owners, breeders, shelters, rescue groups, pet store owners, veterinarians and even pet food marketing professionals (checking out the competition) have subscribed to Petsumer Report.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, you have a full 60 days to look over Petsumer Report.  If for ANY reason you are not satisfied, I’ll refund your money no questions asked (Email Susan at

What Petsumer Report is NOT…

Petsumer Report is NOT an endorsement of ANY pet food.

Petsumer Report does NOT guarantee any pet food is safe from recall; even the best company can make a mistake.

Petsumer Report does NOT pick/choose a pet food for you.  Each pet is different, each pet food consumer is different.

Petsumer Report simply provides you with the information that the dog food or cat food label does not or can not tell you in order to make an informed decision of what to feed your dog or cat.  And don’t expect state-of-the-art website design either; Petsumer Report is a simple design (easy to read).

Petsumer Report saves you the time consuming job of calling the manufacturer and learning details about the food. Petsumer Report makes it easy for you to compare brands with access to the pertinent information.

   “Dear Susan, today I re-upped my petsumer report subscription. I didn’t realize it had expired. I’ve been making my own raw dog food and organic veggie at home here for about 8 months so actually I’m not using the petsumer report much. So why did I pay for it again.  A number of reasons Susan and I want you to know what they are. I admire so much your spirit of creating for yourself an income doing something so beneficial for so many. I don’t know if you got a grant to start your site or just began, and I have no idea if the $17.95 per year times your subscribers, keeps you afloat but I hope it does and will continue to grow. I certainly want to contribute my $17.95 toward your livelihood. Certainly a small sum for all the good I’ve gotten. And I’ve been able to scare one relative and 2 neighbors into feeding better quality food in this past year.  My favorite line is………” pay some money now into the front end of this dog or pay the vet after the dog has done all the suffering, your choice.” And because I’ve been able to look up their dog foods and report to them that there were ‘NO PAWS’, all three were shamed into classing up their food choice and one of them became a subscriber of yours. So, good for me to have that info at hand, good for them to get educated and good for you. See why I still need my subscription?”

   Connie S.

Example Petsumer Report Review

The image below is a home page for a pet food manufacturer.  The manufacturer home page provides general information about the pet food, average ratings of this manufacturer, and along the right side subscribers will find the list of each pet food reviewed.

The image below is the first half of a pet food review page.  Each review provides a list of ingredients, pet food image (if available), Guarantee Analysis information with calories and probiotic information (if provided by manufacturer).  Tabs on each review provide pet food manufacturer statement to ingredient quality, country of origin of ingredients, shelf life and who/where foods are made; another tab provides a list of potential risk ingredients in this particular pet food.

And in the image below you will find the bottom half of a pet food review page.  Including a Plus and Minus list of each pet food reviewed and the very important Learn More section.  Learn More gives each subscriber the opportunity to fully understand pet food ingredients and regulations.

Pet Food Reviewed as of October 2015

Acana Pet Food

Addiction Pet Foods

Alpo Pet Foods

Answers Pet Foods

Artemis Pet Foods

AvoDerm Pet Foods

Azmira Pet Foods

Back to Basics Pet Foods

Beneful Pet Foods

BilJac Pet Foods

Blue Buffalo Pet Foods

Blue Seal Pet Foods

Brothers Pet Foods

By Nature Pet Foods

California Naturals Pet Foods

Canidae Pet Foods

Canine Caviar Pet Foods

Carna4 Pet Foods

Castor Pollux Pet Foods

Cesar Pet Foods

Chef Michael Pet Foods

Chicken Soup for the

Pet Lover’s Soul Pet Foods

Dad’s Pet Foods

Darwins Pet Foods

Dave’s Pet Foods

Diamond Pet Foods

Doctors Foster & Smith Pet Food

Dogswell Pet Foods

Dynamite Pet Foods

Eagle Pack Pet Foods

Earthborn Holistics Pet Foods

Enhance Pet Foods

Eukanuba Pet Foods

Evangers Pet Foods

Evo Pet Foods

Evolve Pet Foods

Fancy Feast Pet Foods

Felidae Pet Foods

Feline Caviar

First Mate Pet Foods

Flint River Ranch Pet Foods

Frenchie’s Kitchen Pet Foods

FreshFetch Pet Foods

FreshPet Pet Foods

Friskies Pet Foods

Fromm Family Pet Foods

Good Life Recipe Pet Foods

Grandma Lucy’s Pet Foods

Great Life Pet Foods

Halo Pet Foods

Happy Paws Pet Foods

Happy Tails Pet Foods

Holistic Select Pet Foods

The Honest Kitchen Pet Foods

Hound & Gatos Pet Foods

I and Love and You Pet Foods

Iams Pet Foods

Innova Pet Foods

Just Food for Dogs Pet Foods

K9 Natural Pet Foods

Karma Organic Pet Foods

Kibbles & Bits Pet Foods

Kumpi Dog Foods

Lassie Brand Pet Foods

Life’s Abundance Pet Foods

Lotus Pet Foods

Loyall Pet Foods

Lucky Dog Cuisine Pet Foods

Merrick Pet Foods

Mulligan Stew Pet Foods

My Perfect Pet Foods

Natural Balance Pet Food

Natural Life Pet Foods

Natural Planet Organics Pet Foods

Nature’s Logic Pet Foods

Nature’s Recipe Pet Foods

Nature’s Select Pet Food

Nature’s Variety Pet Food

Newman’s Own Pet Foods

Nutram Pet Foods

Nutrience Pet Foods

Nutrish Pet Foods

NutriSource Pet Foods

Nutro Pet Foods

Ol’ Roy Pet Foods

Orijen Pet Foods

Party Animal Pet Foods

Pedigree Pet Foods

Performatrin Pet Foods

Petsana Pet Foods

Pet Time Pet Foods

Petcurean Pet Foods

Pet Guard Organics Pet Food

Pinnacle Pet Foods

Precise Pet Food

Premium Edge Pet Food

Professional Pet Foods

Pure Vita Pet Foods

Purina Pet Foods

Purina One Pet Foods

Purina Pro Plan Pet Foods

Red Moon Pet Foods

Rotations Pet Foods

Royal Canin Pet Foods

Rudy Greens Pet Foods

Science Diet Pet Foods

Solid Gold Pet Foods

Stella and Chewy’s Pet Foods

Steve’s Pet Foods

Taste of the Wild Pet Food

Timberwolf Pet Foods

TLC Pet Foods

Vets Choice Pet Foods

Viand Pet Foods

Wellness Pet Foods

Weruva Cat Food

Wysong Pet Foods

Young Again Pet Foods

ZiwiPeak Pet Foods

Included in reviews (over 3,500!)…

   “Susan, I just wanted to let you know that I find Petsumer Report Online to be very easy to use. It is easy to move from subject to subject, I never get lost. It is very helpful being online, versus hard copy because I sometimes remember something I want to review from previous newsletters/reports and cannot seem to find my hard copy, but quickly can find Online and even print if I need to.  I thank you so much for all that you do to help educate the public to help our furry friends. Thank you”


   “Susan – I just wanted to say THANK YOU for offering such a resourceful website. I find your website easy to use and FULL of information. I just subscribed to Petsumer Reports today too and in less than an hour I was able to do all the research I needed to find the right food for my dog. He has been eating XXX but the high protein seems to be too rich for his stomach, so I was on the hunt for a new food. I am part of an animal rescue group in Phoenix, AZ called Lost Our Home Pet Foundation. Our mission is to take in foreclosure pets – animals that have been left behind when people move out of their house and abandon their pets. I foster kittens for the rescue group and I ALWAYS take the time to tell adopters about the high quality food I feed my kittens.  I often get people who go out of their way to find the same food – all because I took the extra time to mention the importance of it. Thank you for putting Petsumer Reports together – I’m excited to use it on a regular basis as I am always talking to people about their pet food. And I especially like the red font for the Red Flag ingredients, the gray font for the ingredients with no nutrional value, and the PawPrint rating – that really helps sort through the good and bad quickly.”



Want to learn more about common pet food ingredients?

…about BPA, Click Here and/or Here

…about By-product meal, meat and bone meal, or animal fat, Click Here

…about Canola Oil Click Here and/or Here

…about Caramel Color, Click Here

…about Carrageenan, Click Here and/or Here

….about Chicken or Chicken Meal, Click Here

…about DL-Methionine Click Here

…about Ethoxyquin preserved fish meal, Click Here

…about Food Dyes, Click Here

…about GM grains, Click Here and/or Here

…about Menadione Sodium Bisulfite, Click Here and/or Here

…about Mycotoxins prone to develop on some grain ingredients, Click Here

…about Propylene Glycol, Click Here

…about Selenium, Click Here

…about Wheat gluten meat, Click Here

The information provided in Petsumer Report is NOT proprietary information. Most of it is available to you by calling each pet food manufacturer and asking a few questions. Knowledge of the ‘red flag’ ingredients, natural or chemical preservatives, and health promoting ingredients comes from reading the AAFCO definitions of pet food ingredients and some research materials. Petsumer Report™ Online simply puts all of the information that SHOULD be on the label – in one place and does all the time consuming work for you.

What are you waiting for?

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A full one year subscription of Petsumer Report™ Online will cost you less than $1.50 per month (less than the cost of one premium cup of coffee a month).

As of October 2013, there are over 2,500 pet foods and treats reviewed.

$17.95 for a one year online subscription.

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Satisfaction Guarantee: You have my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. New subscribers have a full 60 days to look it over. If you don’t like it or think it’s not worth your money – I’ll give you a complete refund. No questions asked.

A brand new Petsumer Report website will be introduced soon. The new site provides search options for human grade ingredient pet foods, carrageenan free pet foods, BPA free, grain free, and even the option to search for pet foods that use humanely raised meat. And the new site will allow subscribers the opportunity to review up to four pet foods side by side. We are working now to update every single review. We expect to move over to the new website sometime shortly into 2016 (maybe before). Existing subscribers will move with us to the new website, your access to the site should not be interfered with the exception of a few hours. We think you are going to like it!

Petsumer Report is a product from Susan Thixton and Proceeds go to support pet food advocacy.