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It’s true.

FDA openly allows diseased meat and rotting animal carcasses into pet food…without warning you.

The truth pet food consumers are not told…

The FDA.


The Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act governs the safety of all food, meaning the food you eat and the food your pets eat is supposed to be held to the same standard.
Despite this, the FDA has written what they call “Compliance Policies”. Compliance Policies are FDA decisions to what part of the law they are going to enforce, and what they are going to ignore.

Pet food consisting of material from diseased animals or animals which have died otherwise than by slaughter, which is in violation of 402(a)(5) will not ordinarily be actionable, if it is not otherwise in violation of the law. It will be considered fit for animal consumption.” – FDA Policy

The above FDA Compliance Policy means – dead, diseased, decomposed, dying animals – illegal materials are freely allowed to be used in pet food. With no disclosure to consumers.
There are many more FDA Compliance Policies that allow filth contaminated ingredients, rodent or bird feces contaminated ingredients, and even chemical contaminated ingredients into pet foods. Click Here to learn more about FDA Compliance Policies.


In 2007, thousands of dogs and cats in the U.S. died due to contaminated pet food ingredients sourced from China. In the ten plus years since this deadly pet food recall, the FDA has received reports on the death or illness of thousands of pets linked to Chinese imported jerky treats.

You’d think that massive recalls would deter pet food manufacturers from using Chinese ingredients, but that’s not true. Actually, dog food and cat food (as well as their ingredients) imports from China have increased by more than 30 million pounds in just five years! (Source: Food and Water Watch)

Misleading Advertising.

Pet food labels and/or television commercials lead petsumers to believe the pet food is made from fresh meat and fresh vegetables. Some products show images of grilled meats on the label – however, not one pet food is made from grilled meat. Some include pictures of prime cuts of steak on the label or include a specialty meat in the product name. But, thanks to numerous FDA Compliance Policies (675.100, 675.200, 675.400, 690.300)…

Why is Petsumer Report any different than all the other pet food review sites? Petsumer Report is the ONLY pet food review publication by someone who is deeply involved in the pet food regulatory system; Susan Thixton. Susan represents consumers as advisor to AAFCO’s Pet Food Committee and Ingredient Definitions Committee. She also represents pet food consumers with FDA. Started in late 2015, Susan is on the AAFCO committee that is developing updated pet food labeling regulations (which by the way, Congress required FDA to complete this work by September 2009. FDA has done nothing on this work, they simply passed the responsibility over to AAFCO – 6 years past the deadline).

Petsumer Report has done the homework for pet food consumers so that you don’t have to blindly trust the pet food label. Reviews are based on laws and the years of consumer advocacy experience of Susan Thixton. Petsumer Report provides: grade/quality of ingredient, country of origin of ingredient, GMO information, shelf life, alerts to risk ingredients and much, much more on more than 4,000 pet foods and treats.

Plus – your subscription helps to support pet food consumer advocacy work!

This is AWESOME information, Susan—thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the diligence and hard work and effort you put in to ensure we are able to make the healthiest decisions for our pets.

Melanie B.

Satisfaction Guarantee: You have my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. New subscribers have a full 30 days to look it over. If you don’t like it or think it’s not worth your money – I’ll give you a complete refund. No questions asked.

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How do you decide?

Looking at the front of a pet food bag is not going to help you choose a food safe for your pet; it is marketing, pet food propaganda. Pet food regulations state a pet food label can contain “unqualified claims, either directly or indirectly”. Legally, in any form of advertising, a pet food company can lie to you.

The most important claim consumers need to be informed of is quality of ingredients; regulations do not allow pet foods to state quality of ingredients.

There are two grades of ingredients used in pet food: human edible (food grade) ingredients, and human inedible (pet grade or feed grade) ingredients. Recent regulations now allow a pet food made in a human food manufacturing plant, using 100% human edible ingredients (including human grade supplements) to make the claim ‘human grade’ on the pet food label. However many other pet foods using human grade ingredients still are not allowed to disclose to consumers the quality of ingredients. Click Here to read about ‘food’ grade ingredients and ‘feed’ grade ingredients.

Some pet foods contain chemicals and dyes linked to cancer and serious illness. Some canned pet foods have a lining inside the can that contains BPA, a chemical scientifically linked to cancer.

Petsumer Report reviews tells you which Pet Food Manufacturers use food quality/human food quality ingredients, BPA lined cans, and who uses risky chemicals and dyes.

Thank you so much for all this great information! I’ve been a member for a couple months I guess, I find I’m always in here double checking a food or treat for my dogs and cats. Thank you for helping me make informed decisions about the food I’m feeding my animals. Several years ago, I lost a my dog and cat due to pet food contamination. It was the most devastating loss and I never want to experience that again, or carry the guilt over feeding them the very thing that claimed their lives.

Kelly Q.

What is Petsumer Report?

Petsumer Report is an online pet food information database providing subscribers with vital information on over 4,200 dog foods, cat foods, and pet treats (new products added each month). Subscribers have 24/7 access to information the pet food label does not provide.

Do I have to download the reviews to my computer?

No, all the reviews are hosted online. Simply login and click on the dog food or cat food brand you’d like more information on. It’s quick and easy to compare thousands of pet foods and treats.

What kind of information does Petsumer Report provide?

Petsumer Report gives subscribers alerts to risky ingredients, ingredient country of origin (U.S. only or imports), grade or quality of meat ingredients, list of health promoting ingredients, recall history, and much more! (See example below.) Plus, Petsumer Report actually teaches subscribers how to select/review a pet food on their own! Reviews include a “Learn More” section providing detailed information on regulations, scientific studies, and/or ingredient definitions.

Who subscribes to Petsumer Report?

Thousands have subscribed from all over the world. Although the reviews in Petsumer Report only apply to foods sold in the U.S. and Canada, pet owners from countries all over the world have subscribed (Amsterdam, UK, Tailand, Israel, South Africa, China, Denmark, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Canada, U.S., and counting). Pet owners, breeders, shelters, rescue groups, pet store owners, veterinarians and even pet food marketing professionals (checking out the competition) have subscribed to Petsumer Report.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, you have a full 30 days to look over Petsumer Report. If for ANY reason you are not satisfied, I’ll refund your money no questions asked (Email Susan at

What Petsumer Report is NOT…

Petsumer Report is NOT an endorsement of ANY pet food.

Petsumer Report does NOT guarantee any pet food is safe from recall; even the best company can make a mistake.

Petsumer Report does NOT pick/choose a pet food for you. Each pet is different, each pet food consumer is different.

Petsumer Report simply provides you with the information that the dog food or cat food label does not or can not tell you in order to make an informed decision of what to feed your dog or cat. And don’t expect state-of-the-art website design either; Petsumer Report is a simple design (easy to read).

Petsumer Report saves you the time consuming job of calling the manufacturer and learning details about the food. Petsumer Report makes it easy for you to compare brands with access to the pertinent information.

Supporting advocacy.


Petsumer Report Online is a product developed to help consumers find safe and healthy pet food.

By purchasing a subscription of Petsumer Report, you are not only learning how to better protect your pet’s health, you are supporting consumer advocacy that seeks to do the same. Petsumer Report is a product provided by pet food consumer advocate Susan Thixton, and supports her advocacy efforts through and its consumer association, Association for Truth in Pet Food.

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